When terrorists attacked Paris in November 2015 the world looked on in horror.


As news crews from every corner of the globe arrived to cover the story, Aero Productions was engaged by Channel News Asia to help in telling a story that went far beyond the shocking headlines. Aero Production’s Executive Producer was hired as lead cameraman to shoot an hour-long fast turnaround documentary that was broadcast just three weeks after the attacks.

This job involved working with a quickly assembled team who arrived in Paris from all over the world. Many of us had never met before but we pulled together to produce a very powerful documentary.

Filming a story like this is a hugely pressured job and with it comes a responsibility to treat traumatised survivors and bereaved relatives with sensitivity.

We filmed interviews with survivors of the attack on the Bataclan concert venue where so many people died and we found ourselves on a new front-line when security forces exchanged fire with some of the attackers who were holed up in an apartment.

The film tells the story of the attacks from the point of view of survivors and adds depth by delving into the psyche of the Muslim community in Paris.

After the attacks many of them were eyed with suspicion despite being as horrified as the wider community by what happpened.