Rumaillah 35 Year Anniversary

Rumaillah Group is a very prominent company in Qatar. It has interests in many sectors of industry including construction, logistics and facilities management. The CEO of Rumaillah Group asked us to create a film that celebrated the incredible growth of the company since its inception 35 years earlier.

The company is very much built upon team spirit. Every member of staff is valued for the unique contribution they make and the CEO wanted that as the core theme of the film. We produced the film in a way that featured many of the staff going about their work.

In this way the staff could share the appreciation showed to them with their families back home. Like many workers in Qatar, they are expats and they don’t get to see their families very often.

We also recorded the management team celebrating the contribution made by staff at all levels to the success of the company.

We included many of the landmark buildings in Qatar that Rumaillah is involved with to portray the major role the company has played in building a new country.

​The film was shown at a 35th anniversary party and proved to be a big hit with all the Rumaillah family.