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I've recently taken on two new commissions to write blogs for very different companies - a creative design agency, and an energy efficiency provider. Both are thriving enterprises, but the hard-pressed bosses don't have the time to provide regular content for their websites. However, both know it is a crucial marketing tool.

Firstly, blogging helps to drive traffic to your website. Whether you're speaking directly to consumers, or you're a B2B, regular news and articles on your site helps you reach more customers. You can share the link to your social followers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and give them a reason to click back to your website.

Secondly, blogs can vastly increase your SEO. You can use relevant keywords and topics in your articles which make you much more visible in search results. And that's gold-dust for businesses. Research shows most users seldom make it past page 1 of Google search results. Fresh, relevant content can put you ahead of your competitors in online searches.

Thirdly, blogging helps you get closer to your customers. It provides a connection so they can get to know more about your business or product, allows them to leave comments or ask questions, and engenders trust by providing a source of information.

Writing regular blogs isn't easy - I find I spend more time crafting other people's articles than my own. You only have to look at the sporadic blogging on this site to realise that! But I do love writing them - so if you want a blog but you don't want the hassle of writing them, get in touch.

I'll tailor the blog to your business. If you want a look at some work I've already done for other clients, take a peek at the design agency website KJC Creative at

Author: Shiulie